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Yoga Nidra with Marc Nelles
Wednesdays at 6:00pm Eastern Time

Facebook Live

Yoga Nidra combines focus, meditation and visualization, bringing the practitioner into a state between wake and sleep. Brainwaves get the chance to drop into the relaxing frequencies, making us more receptive for deeper insight, awareness and healing.

This yoga practice helps practitioners to achieve a tangible reduction in stress and tension in only a short time.

Get comfy on your back in savasana, whether in bed, on your couch, or on the mat, grab a pillow for under your head and your favorite blanket for covers - you're ready for your Yoga Nidra journey.


How to join the class: access Facebook on your device of choice and search for the "Prema Yoga Institute" page. Once there, scroll down for the live feed starting at 6:00pm Eastern time. Enjoy!

Suggested donation of $10 to or

Reiki Level II Certification Training - 
Part I: Intro to Reiki Symbols and Distance Healing 


Is it time to continue your healing path? A jam-packed course with amazing information and tools is waiting for you. Suitable for everyone on a healing journey - whether you are a healer, or are looking for more self-care and healing for yourself.

Join me on this newly offered Reiki II Certification - get the first part done online via Zoom (live or recording). Continue with part II in person once social distancing has ended. 

For more information, please send me a message via the contact form.

Schedule : 

Anytime - at your own convenience.

Location: Part I: Online; Part II: Gramercy, New York, NY (*location subject to change)

Special Pricing : $275.00  

NEW: All of my Reiki Certification course hours are now CE credit eligible & can be applied towards Yoga Alliance contact hours! 

Private Online and Distance Sessions


Suffering from COVerwhelm during these very stressful and uncertain times?

Just because we are socially distancing does not mean you are not able to get healing.

In fact, the most powerful healing can take place remotely: via the phone, online, or without any device. Contact me for more information on any of the following modalities:


  • Reiki (online, phone or remotely)

  • Meditation or Yoga Nidra (online or phone)

  • Yoga or Pranayama (online)

  • Ayurvedic Consultation or Mentoring (online or phone)

Contact me via the contact form on the bottom.

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